Small Business Association (SBA)

What does it mean

The Small Business Association (SBA) is a government entity with the purpose of fostering small business growth by reducing credit risk for banks to encourage lending.


Why does it matter

For a Community Banker, SBA seeks to fulfill tits mission through two main programs: 7a and 504 (stupid names, I know :). Under the 7a program, the SBA provides a loan guarantee to the bank, and under the 504, the SBA provides direct funding to the borrower. What both programs attempt to do is to bridge the gap between the financial strength of the borrower and the requirements of a banker. Through these programs, SBA encourages additional business loans to occur that otherwise, without their help, may not occur. For a community banker, these programs not only provide a good risk mitigation tool, but it can also provide an attractive financing program for potential borrowers as well.


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